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DB Cleaning Ltd have been providing cleaning services to the Public Sector in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Middlesex for over 10 years. Our clients include Day Care Centres and Schools. As a smaller business we are able to offer greater flexibility to accommodate clients requirements and reduce procurement costs.
Many require deep cleaning and carpet cleaning outside their opening hours. We consistently provide a reliable service to accommodate the client’s schedule to avoid disturbing staff, customers and visitors at the site.

We supply cleaning operatives in pairs to ensure if there is sickness or holidays an operative with an understanding of the cleaning specification is on site. This also solves health and safety issues involving lone working.

When we take over a contract there is often a need for an initial deep clean to bring the premises up to a good standard and enable ease of maintaining a better standard of cleaning.

The deep cleaning recently in Beaconsfield involved; descaling toilet areas, scum removal, scrub and buff of tiled walls, removing build-up of dirt and polish on the floors especially around the corners, scrubbing skirting, and cobweb removal.

Of course, it is crucial to any Public Body to have a clean, safe and inviting environment for customers and staff alike. We work closely with our clients to ensure the highest standards of cleaning are maintained daily.

Sites are regularly visited to inspect the cleaning. A communications book is kept on site to enable immediate reporting and responses between the client and ourselves. Direct access to the cleaning manager is also always available via phone or email to resolve any concerns or provide additional cleaning services, even at short notice. We use the same powerful professional cleaning products across all sites to ensure consistent and high standards of cleaning.

Public sector premises often has its’ own unique requirements. As a flexible and experienced cleaning contractor, we have a wide range of cleaning services enabling us to deliver cleaning services to suit each client ‘s particular needs.

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Dustbusters Cleaning Ltd t/a DB Cleaning are an ISO 9001 Certified company with excellent green sustainability credentials, to reflect a better, healthier image for our clients. We are also Safe Contractor Certified to protect all stake holders.

Choosing a cleaning solutions provider with the greenest credentials reflects well on your business and communicates a valuable ethical image as well as being healthier for your staff and ours.

We want to give our clients the assurance we are as committed to sustainability and protecting the environment as they are.

How many cleaning firms provide their staff with zero emission vehicles?

Kingswood School

Case Study

Kingswood School, High Wycombe

The busy Primary School in High Wycombe have given their flooring a new lease of life.

Our carpet cleaning service removes, harmful contaminants including microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, as well as food, soiling and heavy traffic marks.

During the pandemic schools have had to use classrooms as dining areas. Our carpet cleaning service has helped keep these areas hygienically clean.

The vinyl floors were stripped of the build up of old polish and a new coating of polish applied.

The new coating is anti slip and offers an easy to maintain shiny finish, that also protects the floor from minor damage such as shoe scratches and staining . Its easy now for the school to apply a maintainer by mop to the floor to keep up a nice shine each week or so.

We use a scrubber dryer that strips scrubs and dries the floor in one action. This keeps costs down and a large area can be covered in a short time over manual applications.

Our carpet machines are powerful but light to easily move around small classrooms. Carrying out the work during holiday times minimised any disruptions and of course the risk of infection spread.

If you are looking for a professional carpet clean or hard floor treatment give Andy a call at DB Cleaning in High Wycombe.

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“I am delighted the stain has completely gone. How do you do it?”


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“The cleaning was very good”

TABS Training

“We are pleased with the cleaning service”


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